Education for Africa opened its doors in 2005 in response to the dire need for quality education for farming communities. In 2007, after the then Minister of Education ousted all unsuccessful Grade 11 learners from mainstream schools there became a greater need for Education for Africa to provide our services to urban communities.

We offered and continue to offer quality education to any person irrespective of age, gender, social standing, etc. as the problem of failures, “misfits” and “drop-outs” from our mainstream schools continues.

We are passionate about giving these people, especially our youth, another academic chance to be successful. We are thrilled that these successful learners have opportunities to pursue education or career pathways and we shudder to think of their liability to South Africa if not afforded the opportunity.

We will continue to strive and promote academic qualifications which lead to higher standards of living, healthier and safer communities and a more productive economic force in South Africa.

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