Our programme is aimed at uplifting and empowering South Africa’s Youth. The most vulnerable group of people in South Africa is the teenagers, more specifically the high school students. Most of the South African youths are afflicted by trauma emanating from the need to excel, peer pressure, violence, drugs, broken homes to starvation.


    • To educate and skill the untrained youth & adults (Learners).
    • To serve the Learner in the achievement of excellence.
    • To inspire every Learner to strive towards reaching their amazing potential.


    • To empower Learners via quality educational courses.
    • To coach the Learners to become leaders in their field of study.
    • To groom the Learners to become balanced stable individuals.
    • To improve the Learners standard of Living. 
    • To enhance the Learners access to Further Academic Qualification and Job opportunities.


    • To improve the education opportunities for ‘disadvantaged’ / delinquent youth
    • To afford the homeless the opportunity to regain their dignity
    • To identify opportunities for new areas of joint growth and economic participation
    • To progressively expand the services to address inequality
    • Dedicated to providing education of the highest quality
    • Programmes to benefit the community


Angie Jacobs - 078 372 0078

Elizabeth Reynolds - 021 696 1178

Iqbaal Mowzer - mowzer@education4africa.co.za


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